Usman Sheikh is an executive leader of strategic design and innovation for the financial services sector.


Highly creative
business focused
strategic thinker.

In an industry where core products are all but commoditised, transformation and new product development must be led by creating a strong alignment between customer needs, technology and commercial viability. Usman brings executive-level experience in driving change and customer-focused transformation agendas in both FSIs and consulting environments.

Recent Leadership Roles at:
Areas of Expertise

Usman helps transform products, services and businesses by bringing together human-centric approaches to delivering complex business outcomes.


Design Enablement

With over 25 years in digital and creative leadership roles, Usman has extensive experience in introducing and scaling design within corporate and start-up environments. Whichever level of Design Maturity your organisation is at, Usman can help get your organisation ready for the next stage.


Usman helps senior business leaders bring true customer-centricity to the heart of their business. By aligning business outcomes with design-led approaches and product roadmaps, Usman advises on how to use Design to deliver tangible commercial value to the business.

Innovation & Product Experimentation

Based on deep industry experience, Usman has developed a series of innovation and proposition development frameworks that can help accelerate the development and validation of new product concepts in the market. Usman works with product teams to train and enable them to use these methodologies.

Experience Design

As his primary area of expertise, Usman creates, nurtures and scales highly effective design teams. With strong hand-on technical skills in key design disciplines such as experience strategy, research and UX & UI design, Usman has a strong track record of leading large-scale design teams for major financial organisations.

Client Experience

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Usman on several projects, all resulting in amazing results. Our working sessions were always fun and passionate, glazed by his can-do mindset of great creative strategies and ideas that are industry leading and cutting edge. Apart from being one of the best creative partners I have ever worked with, he is totally a great guy! I look forward to working with Usman in the future."

Satyan Avatara
Senior Vice President, Innovation & Transformation,
Ex - Barclays / JP Morgan Chase